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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia affects approximately 2 percent of our population. Current research demonstrates that as many 90 percent fibromyalgia sufferers have turned to CAM to alleviate their symptoms. Acupuncture, has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia, becoming a popular choice.

On Memory

FYI, the blog below started out being what I had intended to be a short reply to a journalist for the Wall St. Journal asking for medical and nutritional experts to submit their credentials and take on memory.  A patient of mine gave me the heads up and I scrambled to put something together on short notice and tight deadline.  I ended up really enjoying the research I did and ended up writing way too much on the subject.  In the end, it was a Continue reading →

Support Local Business Celebrity’s Bid for New Oprah Winfrey Show…Vote For Dr. Nicole’s Video

Hi folks please take a look at my friend and colleague’s email below. Local Atlanta celebrity and business owner Dr. Nicole LaBeach has a big big dream. Oprah Winfrey is holding a video contest. The prize: your own show!  You can help by visiting Oprah’s site below, viewing Dr. Nicole’s video and voting for it….Vote often. Share this with your family, friends, and colleagues. Post the video on your Facebook page. Dr. Nicole, Life, Relationship and Executive Coach, owner of Volition Enterprises: AND author Continue reading →

Ten Questions #2: Acupuncture, Does it Hurt?

Many are concerned about this question: Does acupuncture hurt? Often you will see acupuncture needles described as hair-thin. That is actually not very accurate. The needles are very thin indeed though. If you have a friend who is a doctor or nurse, you can ask them about our needle size. Our needles are generally either 32 or 36 gauge, and we do have thinner needles available. I promise if you ask your doctor what they think about this size needle, she is going to smile…they Continue reading →

Ten Questions: #1. Do you accept insurance?

We’ll focus on  some frequently asked questions that I receive from potential new patients. Do you accept insurance? Currently in the state of Georgia it is not possible for an acupuncturist to get in network with an insurance company. In many other states acupuncture is routinely covered by insurance policies. Georgia is a little behind on certain things. However that is not the whole story. Currently we receive payment at the time of treatment. My experience is that certain insurance companies are more likely to Continue reading →

Leaky Gut Syndrome, Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine: the Optimal Solution

The subject of this blog is entirely too complex and interesting to cover in 1 blog, however, know that I’ll be writing more about this in blogs to come so you can properly digest it. As most of my patients know, I often light up upon the mention of food. As a feinschmecker equally passionate about Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, this subject is particularly palatable as a specialty and well-suited for my background in Western Nutrition Science and my background in eating all kinds of Continue reading →

Talking with Your Oncologist about Integrating Acupuncture/Herbs into your  Treatment Plan

Patients continue to report an increased use of Complimentary & Alternative Medicine in their fight against Cancer. Chinese Medicine is the oldest literate continually practiced form of medicine in the world with a history that spans 3000 years. Though Western medicine advances have made considerable leaps in their ability to treat Cancer, they still have not managed to develop an adequate means of helping their patients cope with the very serious side effects experienced during Chemo & Radiation therapies and post-surgically. Chinese medicine has much Continue reading →

Chinese Medicine 101: the deskness of your PC and your Gut-Brain

I’m in the process of grading papers for a 6 wk., 36 hr. course on Chinese Medicine (CM).  The students are a cross section of ages all training to be massage therapists.  Every time I teach this course, I’m reminded of the drastic difference in Western and Eastern thinking.  We cover the basics of CM: The main Channels/Meridians, Qi, Yin, Yang, Blood, the organs, Shen, 5 Elements/Phases, etc.  They also have to learn a small handful of points on the body and their indications.  In Continue reading →

Why the Move Towards Infertility Specialization?

As early as my student clinic days at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, I decided that I wanted to specialize in the treatment of gynecological disease. I was passionate about my interest in Chinese medicinal herbs and had an opportunity to work at our school’s herbal pharmacy for 2.5 years while a student. In China, Chinese Medical Gynecology is almost exclusively herbal based. I prescribed raw herbal formulas to most of my patients and asked friends who worked in the student clinic to Continue reading →