The Importance of Herbs to Enhance your Fertility Acupuncture Treatment in Atlanta

The importance of the inclusion of Chinese herbs into your fertility acupuncture cannot be overstated.  In addition to completing my masters in acupuncture and Chinese medicine I lived, worked, and studied in China for two years so you can take this as a statement of fact and not merely my opinion or feeling on the subject. If a person is sick in China they can elect to go either to a western medical hospital and/or a Chinese medical hospital. In the western medical hospital they Continue reading →

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia affects approximately 2 percent of our population. Current research demonstrates that as many 90 percent fibromyalgia sufferers have turned to CAM to alleviate their symptoms. Acupuncture, has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia, becoming a popular choice.

Ten Questions: #1. Do you accept insurance?

We’ll focus on  some frequently asked questions that I receive from potential new patients. Do you accept insurance? Currently in the state of Georgia it is not possible for an acupuncturist to get in network with an insurance company. In many other states acupuncture is routinely covered by insurance policies. Georgia is a little behind on certain things. However that is not the whole story. Currently we receive payment at the time of treatment. My experience is that certain insurance companies are more likely to Continue reading →

Why the Move Towards Infertility Specialization?

As early as my student clinic days at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, I decided that I wanted to specialize in the treatment of gynecological disease. I was passionate about my interest in Chinese medicinal herbs and had an opportunity to work at our school’s herbal pharmacy for 2.5 years while a student. In China, Chinese Medical Gynecology is almost exclusively herbal based. I prescribed raw herbal formulas to most of my patients and asked friends who worked in the student clinic to Continue reading →

Bell’s Palsy Treatment…video testimonial soon

Recently I treated a patient with an acute case of Bell’s palsy.  Acupuncture has a good track record of success with this condition. This particular patient had never tried any form of Chinese Medicine.  Signs and symptoms matched well with the Chinese Medicine pattern of wind – this was an acute condition precipitated by a sudden change in temperature.  His condition started after he took a flight to a different climate. Knowing the treatment protocol for this pattern isn’t one of the more relaxing acupuncture Continue reading →