The Importance of Herbs to Enhance your Fertility Acupuncture Treatment in Atlanta

The importance of the inclusion of Chinese herbs into your fertility acupuncture cannot be overstated.  In addition to completing my masters in acupuncture and Chinese medicine I lived, worked, and studied in China for two years so you can take this as a statement of fact and not merely my opinion or feeling on the subject. If a person is sick in China they can elect to go either to a western medical hospital and/or a Chinese medical hospital. In the western medical hospital they Continue reading →

Talking with Your Oncologist about Integrating Acupuncture/Herbs into your  Treatment Plan

Patients continue to report an increased use of Complimentary & Alternative Medicine in their fight against Cancer. Chinese Medicine is the oldest literate continually practiced form of medicine in the world with a history that spans 3000 years. Though Western medicine advances have made considerable leaps in their ability to treat Cancer, they still have not managed to develop an adequate means of helping their patients cope with the very serious side effects experienced during Chemo & Radiation therapies and post-surgically. Chinese medicine has much Continue reading →

Chinese Medicine 101: the deskness of your PC and your Gut-Brain

I’m in the process of grading papers for a 6 wk., 36 hr. course on Chinese Medicine (CM).  The students are a cross section of ages all training to be massage therapists.  Every time I teach this course, I’m reminded of the drastic difference in Western and Eastern thinking.  We cover the basics of CM: The main Channels/Meridians, Qi, Yin, Yang, Blood, the organs, Shen, 5 Elements/Phases, etc.  They also have to learn a small handful of points on the body and their indications.  In Continue reading →