Chinese Herbal Medicine and Infertility Research

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Infertility Research

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Infertility:

Chinese herbal medicine for female infertility: An updated meta-analysis. (Ried, 2015)


Chinese Herbal Medicine plus Acupuncture with IUI Treatment:

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for women undergoing (IUI) Intrauterine Insemination (Sela et al., 2011)


Chinese Herbal Medicine with IVF:

Herbal Medicine in Women Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization-Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (Kwon et al., 2020)

Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Improve Outcomes in IVF? A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis of RCTs (Cao et al.,2013)

The Impact of Chinese Herbal Medicine on In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes: A Systematic Review (Schwartz, 2021)

The effects of Chinese herbal medicine on the pregnancy outcomes of infertile women with PCOS undergoing IVF-embryo transfer: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (Liu et al., 2021)

The Use of Berberine for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome undergoing IVF treatment (An et al. 2014)

Chinese herbal medicine (Bu-Shen-Tian-Jing Formula) for outcomes of IVF in Chinese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome- a retrospective cohort study (Pan et al., 2021)

Effect of Gutai Decoction on the abortion rate of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (Y. Liu & Wu, 2006)

Effect of Quyu Jiedu Granule on Microenvironment of Ova in Patients with Endometriosis (Lian et al., 2009)

Effects of Chinese Medicines for Tonifying the Kidney on DNMT1 Protein Expression in Endometrium of Infertile Women During Implantation Period (Lian et al., 2013)

Effects of Liuwei Dihuang Granule on the Outcomes of IVF Pre-Embryo Transfer in Infertility Women with Kidney-Yin Deficiency Syndrome and the Proteome Expressions in the Follicular Fluid (Lian et al., 2014)

Tiaogeng Yijing decoction improves the pregnancy outcomes of patients w poor ovarian response undergoing ivf embryo transfer (Xue et al., 2017 )

Effect of soothing liver therapy on oocyte quality and growth differentiation factor-9 in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (X. Gao et al., 2013)

Effects of Chinese herbs combined with ivf and embryo transplantation on infertility: a clinical randomized controlled trial (Guo et al. – 2014 )

Clinical Efficacy of Macrophage-Activating Chinese Mixed Herbs (MACH) in Improvement of Embryo Qualities (Ushiroyama et al., 2012)

Oocyte quality improvement using a herbal medicine comprising 7 crude drugs (Inoue et al., 2013)

Effect of Traditional Chinese Comprehensive Therapy on Gestation in Patients with Previously Failed In Vitro Fertilization and embryo transfer (Xu et al., 2015)

Effect of traditional Chinese herbs combined with low dose human menopausal gonadotropin applied in frozen thawed embryo transfer (Zhang et al., 2006)

Effect of Bushen Yutai Recipe on IVF Patients Subjected to Mild Ovarian Stimulation (X. Jiang et al., 2020)