Fertility Success in Atlanta

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It has been an exciting 2 weeks at Buckhead Acupuncture.

3 pregnancies and one childbirth. These families really have something to be thankful for this holiday season. I am so excited for them all.

One of my patients is pregnant after her first IUI. Quite often IUI’s are not successful, and clinically I rarely see success on the first try!

Another patient today sent me a text today telling me that after her IVF she is pregnant… after speaking on the phone she mentioned  how great she had done during her cycle and really felt the acupuncture had worked to help her fall pregnant but also to mitigate any side effects from the fertility drugs that are used.

After overcoming many obstacles in her fertility for nearly a year, working together with myself and a local reproductive endocrinologist another patient is pregnant with Acupuncture, herbs and the old-fashioned natural home method! It was quite funny we both think that she scared her body straight… threatening herself to do her first IUI if she did not get pregnant by January… wow well whatever it takes!

This Monday after 2 years and a long struggle with a very late miscarriage and a challenging shaped uterus…another IVF + acupuncture / herbal success… a patient delivered their first little girl….

For more information about how Chinese medicine and Acupuncture may be able to  help your fertility, please visit https://atlanta-acupuncture.net/fert.html

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Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!!