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Mark Schwartz’s Testimonials


Infertility (Robyn)

Our fertility story began years ago when my husband and I first began trying to conceive. After 5-6 months, I realized that my menstrual cycles were highly irregular. I made a visit to see my gynecologist in Atlanta, where she ran several hormonal tests through blood work. Several days later, she notified me that the results were abnormal and because she knew we were trying to conceive, she immediately referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). It was here that things took a turn for the worse. After the RE determined that my egg reserve (AMH) was undetetectable, I was told that I was not even a candidate for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Even worse, the doctor said I would most likely never conceive and that my only chance was through donor eggs.

After the initial shock and grieving period, we decided we weren’t interested in using donor eggs, and that we would pursue adoption. We went to several meetings and began gathering our paperwork when I came across an online article about Chinese medicine and how it can do wonders for fertility problems. I read several books on the topic and poured through any information I could find. The more I researched, the more I realized that I wanted to give this a try. I knew it was a long shot, but I wanted to know we’d done everything we could.

In January 2014, I began seeing a Chinese practitioner in Atlanta (who I won’t name) and receiving acupuncture treatments with herbs. Two months in, it became apparent that there was a language barrier between us and I wondered how effective the treatment was. His practice was very busy and I always left feeling rushed and uncertain about the future.

It was time for a change. In March, I decided to visit Mark Schwartz at Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center in Atlanta after a friend of a friend recommended him. Immediately, it was like a breath of fresh air. He spent so much time with me in our first visit, asking question after question and gathering vital historical information. Already this was something the other practitioner had never done. His friendly and warm demeanor were so welcome and I felt like we had made a step in the right direction.

Mark recommended weekly acupuncture along with a herbal formula created just for me. I took the herbs three times per day and they were prepackaged, making them convenient to take. One month later something incredible happened. My menstrual cycle, which before had averaged 55 days, went to a normal 28 days. Not only that, but I tested positive for ovulation with an at home ovulation kit. It was a huge first step. I cried with joy and reveled in the hope of what could be.

Later that same year, my husband and I became pregnant twice. Although both of those pregnancies ended in miscarriage and were heartbreaking beyond belief, we were also given strength and hope to move forward. Mark was so understanding of both the physical and emotional toll that a miscarriage takes on a woman’s body and I never felt forced or rushed to restart treatment with him. In fact, through his comforting words and lots of prayer, we moved onward and conceived for a third time, all in one year.

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and everything appears to be a healthy, happy, pregnancy. Words cannot express our joy and gratitude toward Mark and his treatments. Every single pregnancy symptom that I have, even the unpleasant nausea and fatigue are all so very welcome as I’m sure I have a different perspective than most women. I have absolutely no doubt that this pregnancy would not have been possible without Mark Schwartz and his life changing treatments.

Infertility (Alejandra)

After several years trying to conceive, my husband and I became pregnant during my first month as a new patient of Mark Schwartz. I credit his combination of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, fertility knowledge, and calming reassurance with our success in conceiving, as well as reducing the chances of miscarriage early in the pregnancy. Mark is a great listener and always available for concerns and questions.

Después de varios años tratando de concebir, quedé embarazada durante mi primer mes como un paciente nuevo de Mark Schwartz. Mi esposo y yo damos crédito a su combinación de la acupuntura, medicina china, su conocimiento en fertilidad, y tranquilidad en nuestro éxito para concebir, y reducir las probabilidades de pérdida los primeros meses en el embarazo. Mark es un gran oyente y siempre disponible para responder y ayudar con cualqiuer pregunta o preocupación.

Infertility (Isabel)

I’ve had a great experience with Mark. I came to him with a diagnosis of unknown infertility and five failed IVF. My husband and I had decided to try for a sixth and last time, but at this point, we didn’t have too much hope. After more than five years trying to conceive and after so many failed fertility treatments, we thought it was probably impossible for us to succeed. I started this last IVF attempt and at the same time an acupuncture treatment with Mark. We were really surprised and excited when we knew I was pregnant, and not only that, we were expecting twins! During my pregnancy, I’ve seen Mark on a regular base. I’ve had a great pregnancy with really little discomfort and I’m convinced it happened thanks to the acupuncture treatment. I really like Mark because of his professionalism, kindness and respect for his patients.

Unexplained Infertility (Elizabeth)

I called Mark in September 2010 after me and my husband had been trying for almost a year to have a baby. When I called him the first time, I had not visited the doctor for testing and that was one of the first questions that Mark asked me. I decided at that point to visit my doctor and wait a little bit longer for my first visit to Mark. After an HSG I got a report from the nurse practioner about possibly having a T-shaped uterus. That was the beginning of a rollercoster of emotions. On top of that, the OB/GYN office that was seeing me started ignoring my calls and the last thing that the nurse practioner told me was “One day you are going to call me to tell me you are pregnant”. At that point I decided to start going to a Fertility Clinic and at the same time I contacted Mark once again. At the beginning, I didn’t know what to think or expect and was very anxious about how long it was going to take me to get pregnant. I’m not a fan of needles, but Mark’s explanation of the whole process made me feel better and it overcame my fears. By the third appointment, I was already taking herbs in addition to going to the acupuncture treatments once a week. The atmosphere that Mark and his staff created in the office was very professional and relaxing. I took a nap a few times after the needles were in place (I loved the heated bed that they have in the Buckhead office). I started the acupuncture treatments around January and at the end of March of this year, I got my first positive pregnancy test ever!!!!!! I’m currently six months pregnant and our little blessing is making his/her (we don’t want to find out the gender) debut on December 30, 2011. I have shared my experience with a lot of people and have told them how the acupuncture treatments helped me during this journey. God blessed us with this miracle, along with the great help and expertise of Mark. He was very supportive during the whole process and even drove out of his area/route one night to meet me to deliver the herbals supplements.

I have been doing great. I never experienced morning sickness. The only “issue” that I can report is back pain, which I used to have before the pregnancy but now is getting a little bit stronger in the lower back area. I have been doing pre-natal yoga hoping that will help strengthen my muscles for the delivery.

We started working on the nursery a couple of weeks ago, but have a long way to go. We are also still working on baby names since we need to have two names ready, one for a boy and one for a girl. Again, thank you for your all your help and the support that you provided to me during my journey.

Endometriosis – An Acupuncture Success Story (Beth E.)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 30 after many years of painful periods and frustration with numerous physicians that couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong with me. It took my winding up in the emergency room after passing out unconscious and an emergency laparotomy the next day for doctors to discover that I was suffering from stage IV endometriosis (the most serious stage). Following the surgery, 6 weeks of recovery time and six months of hormone therapy injections (which was very harsh on my body), I was able to live my life a bit more normally. However, over time the pain returned – doctors weren’t sure if it was a recurrence of endometriosis or if the pain was due to adhesions caused by the original surgery. At any rate, I was put on all sorts of pharmaceutical therapies by doctors and I even tried physical therapy to try and alleviate my pain. Fast forward several years later and a veterinarian that I know (one that does acupuncture on animals) encouraged me to try and seek relief through acupuncture. Honestly, I figured why not, since I had tried everything else (short of more invasive, complicated, and expensive surgery).

I found Mark Schwartz and his acupuncture clinic online while searching for an acupuncturist that specializes in “female problems” in the Atlanta area. Mark spent a lot of time with me at my initial intake appointment really learning about the problems associated with my menses, ovulation, and those experienced throughout each month. He also asked about my overall health, my frame of mind, and even checked my tongue for patterns of discord. He was very thorough and I really felt like he was listening to me. It’s very reassuring that Mark shows he is a caring and experienced acupuncture practitioner in the way that he works with his patients to formulate a plan of treatment that will be of the greatest benefit. After my first treatment I felt so much better. After several treatments, I really felt as if I were on the mend for the first time in years! Mark combined acupuncture with electro-stimulation, herbal formulas, and even cupping (to help with a shoulder problem I was experiencing) to help me feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time.

I am forever grateful to Mark for his compassionate healing work, as I feel that I am basically cured of the horrible disease that has plagued me for years. Not long ago, I felt like I was at the end of my rope and I was considering major surgery that would’ve been an immense undertaking – it would have put me out of commission for a long time, without a guarantee of any sort of success. Now I know that I have a wonderful option that is inexpensive with no down time, no invasive surgery, no anesthesia, and it is an option that has had amazing results for me. My only regret is that I didn’t try acupuncture sooner. Ultimately, I highly recommend Mark Schwartz and the Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center for relief from many maladies, especially endometriosis – a disease that western medicine doesn’t seem to have a handle on yet.

Infertility: PCOS, 3 failed IUI’s, 2 cancelled IVF cycles. Acupuncture & Herbs stand alone (…just what the doctor ordered!) (Whitney Gaines – 13 weeks pregnant)

Oh, the journey of infertility… (which I preferred to call “having fertility challenges” since the word infertility seemed to have a much more negative connotation to me) Anyway, my journey began at the start of a new year near my 27th birthday when my husband and I made the all important decision to start a family. Both my sister and mother got pregnant very easily so I of course assumed that my experience would be pretty similar. I was young, healthy, and physically active. I was convinced I would have a new baby by the end of the year! I had no idea what we were about to embark upon…

My periods had never been regular and I had been on birth control for about nine years prior to trying to start a family. As soon as I got off the pill it was apparent that my cycle was very irregular. After we had been trying to get pregnant for about four months I went to my ob/gyn and consulted with him about my irregular cycles. He immediately chose to put me on Clomid and sent me on my way vowing that I would be “pregnant in three months!” Well, this made me uncomfortable just starting Clomid without determining an evidence based reason via ultrasound or blood work what my real issue was. So I decided to go to another ob/gyn and it was there that it was determined through an ultrasound and blood work that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The doctor put me on metformin to help regulate the PCOS and this proved to be a difficult experience for me. The gastric side effects of the metformin were pretty brutal and since I have an occupation in sales that was especially difficult. I felt as though I needed to wear sneakers with my suits rather than high heels so that I could make it to the restroom more quickly! After taking metformin for a few months with no success, my ob/gyn referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist for further evaluation.

By the time I got to the specialist’s office, I had lost several pounds on the metformin because of the gastric side effects. He was concerned that I needed to gain some weight back so that my body would be at an ideal size to get pregnant. So, he switched me to Actos, another type of diabetic drug that is prescribed to help regulate the effects of PCOS and to make you ovulate more consistently. When he got me to the desired weight, we started down the road of trying the myriad of fertility medications that were available to see what would finally work for me. My laundry list of meds that I took include the following (in no particular order): Clomid, Femara, Menopur, Novarel, Prometrium, Lupron, Vivelle patch, Estradiol, Cabergoline, Doxycycline, Follistim, Ovidrel, Gonal f, and Endometrin. Whew what a list! Some of those were pills while others were injections that I had to give myself, unless my husband was there to help me. During the course of taking all of those medications, we had three failed IUI attempts. We thought that IVF was our only other option but my body did not take well to that process at all. I ended up getting so hyperstimulated during the IVF cycle that, although they were able to take some of my eggs and make embryos, we were unable to transfer any embryos because I became so ill. We tried again the following month for an embryo transfer but my fertility specialist told me that my uterine lining was officially “fried”….. His exact words… So, he told me that I needed to give my body a rest and that I needed to take a couple of months off. I was devastated! I wanted to keep trying, but I trusted that he knew what was best.

I ended up taking three months off all medications, although I ended up bleeding constantly the entire time! What an awful experience! I called my specialist and he then proceeded to tell me that he would not see me again until I went to an acupuncturist. I was furious! Why would he not see me immediately! Had he given up on me? This bleeding was really starting to wear on me and what the heck could an acupuncturist do to help me?! I did not know much about acupuncture at all but the thought of lying on a table and becoming a human pin cushion was not appealing to me! I was desperate to get help from somewhere so I decided to just go ahead and call the acupuncturist that my specialist had recommended, Mark Schwartz. Little did I know that I was about to meet the person that was going to help make all of this heartache and emotional turmoil come to an end.

When I first met Mark, he knew I was rather apprehensive about acupuncture. But, he also knew that I needed help to get my body back under control and to make the bleeding stop! He explained his treatment regimen in depth to me and was very compassionate about the emotional roller coaster that he knew I had endured thus far. He immediately determined a course of action for me and he modified it as needed during subsequent visits. He put me on a formula of herbs that was made specifically for me and called me consistently to check on me to make sure that I was continuing to feel better. The herbs helped to not only regulate my cycle but also gave me more of a sense of calm about my situation. And then my miracle came….. After only 1.5 months of going to see Mark weekly and being on the specific formula of herbs he had written for me, I found out I was PREGNANT!!! My husband and I had conceived on our own without any fertility medications!! Unbelievable!! I just thought that after going through all we had been through, IVF would be the only way that we could have a baby. I never dreamed we would have an acupuncture baby! What a tremendous blessing for me not to be on all of those crazy fertility drugs when we conceived. Now I know that “those crazy fertility drugs” have worked wonders for a lot of women, and I am definitely not meaning to downplay the little miracles that they have provided to so many women. But, I am just saying that for me personally, I was thankful to have discovered an alternate route and a more natural route for me to conceive.

I highly recommend Mark Schwartz to others and I only wish that I had known about him before I had gone through all of the long list of fertility treatments over the past couple years! He is a genuine individual who truly cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable about his field. He has definitely made me a believer in acupuncture!! My husband and I were able to get pregnant because of Mark and I could not ask for a blessing greater than that!

Infertility: Unexplained. Acupuncture & Herbs (Jennifer)

In July 2008, I became pregnant for the first time at age 34. My partner and I had only been trying for four months, and we were very excited. He was age 37 at the time. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks. It was devastating, and because I didn’t know what to expect, I ended up in the hospital for a blood transfusion. After my body healed, it took several months before we were ready to try again. When we did start trying, it wasn’t as easy to get pregnant the second time. After five months of trying, I met Mark Schwartz, and decided to try acupuncture on a weekly basis.

Acupuncture was a very foreign experience for me. I am not a fan of needles (a bit of an understatement), but Mark’s manner of explaining the process and creating a relaxing atmosphere helped greatly. It did not rid my anxiety, but after a few weeks, I was comfortable with the procedure and able to nap once the needles were in place. I even had a few favorite acupuncture points for relaxation. Within a month of starting acupuncture, I also began drinking Chinese herbs three times per day. On day one, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to drink the teas, but by day three, I didn’t even notice the taste. I also felt healthier every day. My body temperature increased, and my monthly cycle became more regular and predictable. Unfortunately, still no pregnancy.

After four months of acupuncture, and nine months of trying, I went to visit Dr. Mark Perloe at Georgia Reproductive Specialists. My partner and I underwent various blood tests and analysis, and were relieved to learn that there was nothing specifically preventing pregnancy. We decided that I would continue acupuncture, stop taking Chinese herbs, and begin taking Letrozole prescribed by Dr. Perloe. I became pregnant in November 2009, and I will complete my first trimester next week. Dr. Perloe’s office has performed two ultrasounds, and all appears to be very healthy. After my previous experience, it has been comforting to be so closely monitored.

During the first trimester, I have continued to see Mark for weekly acupuncture treatments. The treatments are designed to prevent miscarriage, and there are additional benefits like relieving nausea and congestion. So much is out of our control when we try to become pregnant, especially when we spend most of our adult lives thinking we can become parents whenever we make the decision. For me, acupuncture has given me more control over a mostly uncontrollable situation. I feel more in tune with my body, and I look forward to continuing acupuncture treatments with Mark through my third trimester to prepare for labor and delivery.

Acupuncture Labor Induction (Jennifer)

Acupuncture was great today but I think that one session was enough for me! My pressure points are a little sore. I have been having cramping/contractions all day so hopefully I’ll go into labor soon!

… I just wanted to let you know that after our acupuncture session Thursday morning I went into labor at midnight! I delivered our son at 7:35 Friday evening. Just wanted to let you know that the acupuncture worked!

Endometriosis (Lilly Belle)

I had suffered from SEVERE menstrual pain since my teenage years and I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis in the late nineties. I had a major operation to remove the endometriosis and associated ovarian cysts. Initially the pain was reduced, but over time pain returned to the point where it was chronic and I was in some form of pelvic pain at least 80% of every month! I found out about acupuncture for treatment of painful periods, endometriosis, etc. from a friend and I decided to give it a try this January. The relief was almost immediate and after a couple of treatments, I was virtually pain free. Here we are in May and I can honestly say that I feel I am cured. Mark Schwartz and his acupuncture treatments have done what western medicine couldn’t do for me and now I feel like I have a life again. Thank you!

Chronic Breast Pain for 5 years (Diane)

I first sought out Chinese medicine because I had been experiencing severe, chronic breast pain during 3 weeks out of every month for the past 5 years. I had been seen by many different western doctors including my family practitioner, my gynecologist, an endocrinologist, and others who prescribed me everything from different types of birth control pills to high doses of Vitamin E. Nothing helped. When I finally had given up on western medicine, I was introduced to Mark through Willner Chemists. After my initial, very thorough consultation, Mark started me on a regimen of raw herbs. Within the first month, I was completely free of the breast pain. I stayed on the treatment for 3 months, then slowly started to decrease the raw herbs and replace them with a lower dose pill form. During all of this time, my breast pain never returned. Mark is a miracle worker! He was able to accomplish in days what several doctors in western medicine could not in years, and I feel so much better! Mark is not only a very skilled Chinese herbalist and Acupuncturist, he is also a pleasure to be around, and really takes the time to get to know not only the medical side of his patients, but also the personal side. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health or solve a particularly vexing medical problem like mine. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Neck Pain (Simone)

I have lived with neck pain and severe muscle spasms for almost 10 years. In the last ten years, I have tried a myriad of treatments and medications. Chiropractic care and deep muscle massage both gave me some temporary relief. I have been treated by two pain management doctors and have undergone several anti-inflammatory injections. I have also been on Soma (a muscle relaxant), Celebrex (an anti-inflammatory), and Ultram and Codeine (pain medications).

Out of desperation, I decided to try acupuncture. After my first treatment with Mark Schwartz, I left his office feeling about 40% better. The morning after treatment, however, I woke up with hardly any pain or discomfort. I did not take any medication that day. I remained un-medicated for the two weeks leading up to my second appointment. My second appointment was almost a month ago. I have not even taken a Tylenol for neck pain.

Back Pain – Pain free! (Bradley)

I wrenched my back doing some vigorous flow yoga. The next day I was in such pain, I went to the doctor and he prescribed some pain pills, which alleviated some of the pain, but did not help me to become functional again. Two days later I went to see Mark for my first acupuncture treatment. When I entered his office I was barely able to walk and in constant pain. Mark worked on me for two hours, and when I got up off the table I was amazed that I could move normally and felt no pain in my back. Mark cautioned me that the pain was likely to come back, and I would need a follow-up treatment, which we scheduled for three days later. He also gave me herbal medicine to relax the muscles. As anticipated, the pain did return the next day. The follow-up treatment was nearly as intensive as the first with similar immediate relief, however this treatment solidified the effect. It is now five days later, and I have been able to function normally without any significant pain.

Plantar fasciitis and Wellness (David)

Mark has made a big difference in my overall health. I came to him originally because I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, which was really affecting my work outs. I had the condition off and on for almost 5 years. The only thing that would really help get rid of it was cortisone shots from a podiatrist. After the first treatment with Mark, the pain was almost entirely gone, with the exception of a little soreness in the heel. After the second treatment it was gone all together. That was about 3 years ago and I have not had any issues since. This is also the first pollen season that I have not been completely miserable with allergies because we started working on those about 6 months ago. He is truly a miracle worker.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Adam)

I have been dealing with IBS since 2005 and treating it with prescription medication. It worked great but they stopped manufacturing the meds starting in 2009 and nothing else worked for me. I was desperate for help and was recommended acupuncture. My two biggest concerns were proximity to my home and hours of operation since my work schedule is hectic. I called Mark on a Saturday and he called me back within an hour to schedule a consultation for the following week. My symptoms improved after my first session. It has been great working with Mark and I am now able to get back to living a regular life. I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with IBS.

Fatigue, Pain, & Stress (Veronica)

Mark is well skilled and experienced in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I have been under his care for almost a year and have come to respect him a great deal. I initially came in for pain, stress and energy work and he has helped me tremendously so much so I have decided to stay with the treatment for preventative measures. Mark is also a very caring – He will take great care of you and make sure that he is doing everything he can to help you be a more healthy person…

Infertility: PCOS, 2 failed IUI. One very successful IVF + Acupuncture (Tracie)

I came to Mark in December of 2009 in an effort to overcome the fertility issues I was facing. With a long standing diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I had been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. After two failed intrauterine inseminations with a fertility specialist, acupuncture had been suggested in an effort to enhance my fertility and reduce the stress on my body. After seeing Mark twice a week for well over a month, my husband and I decided to try IVF. Mark’s support and wisdom was invaluable in this process. He made himself available whenever I needed him, as IVF timing is extremely sensitive. He was kind enough to meet me at the doctor’s office for post acupuncture following my first embryo transfer. I am happy to announce I am now almost 5 months pregnant with twins! I have continued to see Mark weekly throughout my pregnancy in an effort to reduce stress and manage any discomfort I have had. I have been free of morning sickness too, which I attribute to regular acupuncture! Mark takes the time to really know his patients and will go above and beyond at all times. Seeing Mark was not only a blessing, but one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Miriam Infertility

I’m one of Mark’s current patients, and I’ve had a wonderful experience with him and his practice. I went to Mark for acupuncture treatments to enhance fertility. I’m 36 and my husband is 38. In addition, I had very low AMH (0.2 when 1 is normal for my age). We had been trying to get pregnant for a while with no success. I read in a couple of places that acupuncture is beneficial for increasing fertility, so I decided to give it a shot. I Google’d acupuncture practitioners in Atlanta and, although Mark’s office was one of the furthest from where I live (~45-50 min), his website looked so professional yet so welcoming that I had to call him. He called me back soon after I left a message and gave me a complimentary phone consultation. Long story short, I decided to pursue treatment with him (acupuncture plus Chinese herbs). He definitely made me feel comfortable with his funny, professional and compassionate demeanor. The best part is that I got pregnant within 2 months of first visiting his office! And the first month my husband and I didn’t even try because he was really sick during my fertile time. Truly amazing results!! I continued to go to him for acupuncture during pregnancy, and his treatments definitely helped with morning sickness, lack of energy, and constipation. I know this for a fact because whenever I missed my weekly appointment, my morning sickness and lack of energy would get REALLY bad, only to go away after my next visit. Also, I was out of the country when I first got constipated (a “normal” side effect of pregnancy), but as soon as I went back for an acupuncture treatment, my constipation disappeared (I became regular again the DAY after the treatment!). That is when I was really convinced acupuncture works (as if getting pregnant wasn’t enough proof)! I would recommend Mark to anyone…not only is he extremely knowledgeable, and not only does he deliver results (during the holidays, he receives tons of cards from happy couples who have conceived thanks to him), but he is funny, witty, compassionate, and easy to get along with.

Christina Thomson Infertility

I had dealt with very painful and heavy periods for years, but just thought that they were normal and that I was just one of those women who had awful periods. One morning, I collapsed while getting out of bed because the pain was unbearable and I couldn’t walk. I knew that there was nothing normal about that. I sought treatment and was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. I had two very large cysts on both of my ovaries and extensive scar tissue damage. In 2006, I had a laparotomy to remove the cysts and scar tissue. After the surgery, I began taking medication to suppress my periods. I lived a fairly pain free life without periods and continued that treatment until my husband and I decided it was time to start a family. I knew from my history that it wouldn’t be easy and had been told that, while it wouldn’t be impossible for me to get pregnant, the odds were not in my favor. The pain returned as soon as I started having periods again. I was interested in natural treatments and tried various herbs, vitamins, and dietary changes. All of those helped with my symptoms, but after a year of trying, I still wasn’t pregnant. I wasn’t ready to start medically invasive fertility treatments because I felt like there were reasons why I wasn’t getting pregnant, and I needed to work on healing myself. I was reading a book called The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis and became interested in using Chinese herbs and acupuncture to help with my endometriosis and infertility. There are a few acupuncture centers in Atlanta, but Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center stood out to me as a place where my needs would be met. I started seeing Mark Schwartz at Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center in Atlanta in April 2012. From the beginning, Mark was honest and helpful. He advised me to consult with a fertility specialist in order to get as many answers as possible about what was going on with my body. That first visit with Mark was really the beginning of my fertility journey. I began weekly acupuncture treatments and started taking Chinese herbs everyday. I began to notice a difference not too long after starting the treatments. My periods became lighter and less painful. My mood improved; I felt happier and more energetic. During this time, I also consulted with a fertility specialist who Mark recommended. He found that I had more cysts on my ovaries, and he believed the reason why I wasn’t getting pregnant was because of the scar tissue damage from the endometriosis and the previous surgery. He advised a laprascopy to remove the cysts and clear out the scar tissue. I met with an amazing surgeon, who was also recommended by Mark, and scheduled the surgery for June of 2012. The surgery went well, but there were still alot of unknowns about whether or not I would be able to get pregnant. My husband and I kept trying. Trying to conceive and being unable to do so can be such a stressful and heartbreaking experience. It is easy to get consumed by the process. The weekly acupuncture sessions were relaxing and really helped me feel more centered. The Chinese herbs that I drank 3 times a day were dark, concentrated herbs and took some time to get used to, but I just told myself that it was my daily medicine. I felt like I was taking charge of my fertility issues and helping myself to heal. Mark was always easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. He went over my cycle charts with me and listened while I talked through the process of trying to get pregnant. In November 2013, it happened for me. I got pregnant! Mark was one of the first people that I told, and I knew he was celebrating with me. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have had a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. I have continued with the acupuncture which helped ease the first trimester symptoms and is now helping in the 2nd trimester. I was a nearly impossible case, but a combination of eastern and western medicine has given me this chance, this gift. My journey to become pregnant felt so long and difficult at times, but now I know that it was worth the fight.

Michelle Gunn Pre-eclampsia / Pregnancy-induced Hypertension

I have nothing but the highest praise for Mark and the folks at Buckhead Acupuncture in Atlanta. I had experienced severe pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy, and once again at only 4 months along, my blood pressure already was on the rise. After having spoken with several of my friends, Mark Schwartz’s name came to to foreground as an expert in pregnancy-related issues. After a thorough intake appointment, we started treatment, and now — just two months later — my BP is considerably lower than it was even pre-pregnancy. Also, Mark has a great bedside manner, which is really reassuring to those of us who might be a little squeamish about the whole, y’know, needle thing. (And did I mention he’s funny? He is. Trust me.) I’d strongly recommend Mark for treatment of pre-eclampsia / pregnancy-induced hypertension, and plan to continue seeing him and/or the other practitioners at Buckhead Acupuncture for any health needs in the future.


Hamilton Rotte’s Testimonials


I sought out acupuncture for my chronic shoulder pain and lack of mobility. After 20 years of trying traditional western medicine options such as Chiropractic, stretching, and anti-inflammatory medicine, my doctor suggested surgery. My shoulder mobility had been reduced to about 30% range of motion and the pain reached debilitating levels regularly. Within 1 hour of my first session of acupuncture and cupping with Hamilton, I had drastically improved shoulder mobility of 80% and my pain was reduced to not even needing over the counter pain meds. After my second session, I was at about 95% mobility and no noticeable pain! Highly recommend.

I am so grateful to Hamilton for his care, professionalism, knowledge and kindness. I came to him with a lifetime of tension and pain. I had stored trauma in my body for so long I didn’t even recognize it as pain. I just felt tight all the time. I had heard others healing from trauma talk about acupuncture and cupping as a therapy to release this tension. I remember on my first visit I was full of hope but still a little skeptical. Nothing I’d tried before worked for long. After my first visit I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt, how my muscles felt so relaxed and movement wasn’t as stiff or painful. Hamilton truly has the gift of healing. I am thankful for all he has done for me.
-Shanna T


“Kelly” Xiang Li’s Testimonials


Hormonal Issues, Digestion and Insomnia

I searched for a year to find the right practitioner to help me with my digestive problems, insomnia and other hormonal related issues. Thankfully, I finally found Kelly. After one treatment with Kelly, I noticed immediate relief to all symptoms! After one month of acupuncture and herbs, my symptoms are almost gone. I have not felt this good and had this much energy in years.


Back and Knee Pain, Insomnia, and Wellness

Buckhead Acupuncture & Herbal Center,
I wanted you to know that I had developed an injury to my right knee that wouldn’t go away. I had damaged it from lifting weight during a workout class at Wellstars Health Place. I had also, injured my lower back doing the same exercise class. I was hoping the pain would go away but it didn’t. I went to an orthopedic office and was placed on medication for inflammation and told to seek rehabilitative therapy. I contacted your office after seeing a brochure in my gym. An appointment was set up with Kelly at the Wellstar Cancer Center support services office. She immediately went to work on my issues and after two treatments both were resolved. She is very knowledgeable and professional in the field of acupuncture and holistic eastern medicine. She suggested that I start taking an herb supplement which has helped me feel better, and acquire better sleep.
I go to her on a weekly basis and it is something I continue to look forward to each and every week. I feel healthy and actually younger than my 60 years. I attribute this to acupuncture and Kelly as a practitioner with your company. It took me a while to try acupuncture but I am a true believer in its benefits both mentally and physically.
Thanks for your help!
Sincerely, George Bentley

Dizziness and Vertigo

When I first came to see Kelly, I had a lot of dizziness, burning in my back, and I couldn’t even work. Now I’m able to work; the severity of dizziness is significantly reduced and is much less frequent. The burning has calmed down some also. I feel Kelly truly cares about my health because she always listens to my concerns and pays full attention to me during each visit. She is also very accessible. I can reach her easily when I have questions, and she is very easy to talk to. I’m very happy with her service.

– Carina G.

Severe Low Back Pain

When I was in college I was involved in a serious accident which has left me with severe lower back Stenosis in the L4/5 area and intermittent lower back pain.

I have had extensive visits with Doctors who simply prescribe pain medication or Physical Therapy. All of which resulted in the masking of the pain and its eventual return.

I discussed the situation with Xiang , a licensed acupuncturist and a friend of our family, who suggested that I should let her try acupuncture. I scheduled an appointment and when the visit was over, I got up and felt like a new person. Not the first bit of pain! I slept through the night for the first time in months. It was amazing. I could not be happier. I have made other appointments to work stabilizing my lower back and after each appointment I felt pain free and stronger.

Xiang was extremely through and her methods addressed several tracts that were responsible for my pain issues.

I highly recommend Xiang and will always be indebted to her for providing me the appropriate treatments that have eliminated my severe lower back pain.

Jerry Mash

Fatigue, Joint Pain, Anxiety

When I first came to see Xiang, I felt awful. I was suffering from terrible fatigue and anxiety, as well as chronic inflammatory joint pain. Over the years, I have tried all kinds of treatments for these persistent problems, with varying results. I can honestly say that Xiang has provided the most comprehensively helpful treatment I have received from any healthcare provider in any discipline.
I am repeatedly amazed at the accuracy with which Xiang can pinpoint ailments during her pulse-reading diagnosis. Not only can she tell what is troubling the patient, often even without being told, but She is also able to discern the problem’s cause and its relationship to the patient’s overall state of health. She then proceeds to treat the problem (or in my case, problems plural) systematically and with an attention to detail that evidences her deep commitment to her patients’ well being. She is flexible and communicative, with an outstanding ability to adapt her treatment to the patient’s dynamic state of wellness. Once she solves one problem, she moves on to the next without a moment lost.

After 3 months of treatment, my Anxiety is better than ever. My energy and attitude have improved markedly, as have my joint pains. This is particularly true when I follow Xiang’s lifestyle advice, which has been perhaps the greatest gift of all. She has been happy to discuss my situation with me and to advise me as to what habits and activities are beneficial to my health. I feel that to a great extent, Xiang has “taught me how to fish,” as the saying goes, and empowered me to take care of my own health.

I am grateful to Xiang for helping me heal and get my daily life on the right track, and (just as important) for being so cool and personable! She’s a great person as well as a great Doctor, and I always look forward to my appointments. Thanks so much, Xiang!!!

Micah Huang


“Cathy” Ruitian Cai


This place has helped me completely change my narrative! I started about 2 months before my first egg retrieval. I was told by my fertility doctor that based on my low AMH, I may only get 5-10 eggs and we ended up getting 20!!! I had also been suffering from severe GI issues caused by an ovarian tumor. NOTHING else I’d tried had even helped and after two weeks drinking the herbs I was cured! It has also helped so much with my anxiety that I would like to continue acupuncture indefinitely! I cannot say thank you enough :) – Ansley T.

I moved here from Canada in the middle of our journey of creating a family. I had experienced multiple losses and had to find a new acupuncturist to continue to help me here. I am so glad I found Cathy. She is very calming and helpful, which was exactly what I needed. She helped bring my second child into the world and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Cara D.

I absolutely love this practice. I have been seeing Dr. Cathy since last year and she is incredible. She is understanding, patient, and truly invested in her patients from a holistic perspective. She is very knowledgeable about what is happening inside the human body and the symptoms that manifest when things are out of whack. Each time I have seen her I have left the office feeling better and have noticed a remarkable difference in my pain levels. I always look forward to my visits because I know they’re going to be effective. I definitely recommend this place and, if you’re able, get in with Dr. Cathy!

I just want to share my experience with you, I started going to Cathy when I was almost 33 weeks pregnant I didn’t know acupuncture was so beneficial during pregnancy but since I was diagnosed with low lying placenta I started doing my research and I found Buckhead Acupuncture on google and decided to give it a try I send an email and I receive a call within less than 24 hours and she scheduled me right away within the same week I started going to Cathy once a week at 36 weeks of pregnancy I had an ultrasound and placenta had moved almost all the way we just needed .2 cm to be away the cervix. We just kept doing the sessions and also moxa because that last ultrasound baby was transverse when I was about to be 38 weeks almost 39 I had the last ultrasound to make sure wether it was going to be a natural delivery or a c-section they already had me schedule for a c-section, in that ultrasound we found out that the low lying placenta had resolve and baby was in position for a natural delivery I cannot thank Cathy enough for all her help and dedication towards me during our sessions she was very patience explaining me everything about the procedure, she made me feel so comfortable under her care and she was also always making sure me and baby were ok by texting me and asking me on how I was doing thank you so much for all your help Cathy and Buckhead acupuncture I really recommend your services and if I knew that acupuncture was safe during pregnancy I would have started earlier I cannot thank you enough!!! Thank you so much.
Yamile CR

Cathy is amazing!! I’ve had insomnia for 3 years, been on all kinds of medications and herbal remedies. Nothing helped without side effects and I HATE meds so definitely didn’t want to stay on those. I’ve never had acupuncture and wasn’t really a believer but this was my last-ditch effort. After 3 sessions at twice a week I slept longer than I had in years. I stopped my meds after the next session and after 6 was sleeping through the night again. I still wake up sometimes but it is NOTHING like it was before where I’d wake up at 2 or 3 and never go back to sleep! I will be getting acupuncture for every problem I ever have from now on lol.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cathy Cai during the months I was in Atlanta from Los Angeles and needing an acupuncturist during my stay. What was immediately refreshing is that she sat down with me to go over why I came in, what I needed help with, and how to get there. She truly listened and remembered things about my body and energy in our sessions to come. I had severe carpal tunnel syndrome, depression and anxiety following months of isolation, and inflammation that Dr. Cathy not only treated, but allowed for a smooth transition back to health. I am so glad I chose to continue my weekly treatments while in Atlanta. During the course of treatment, she would also educate me on which meridians were sensitive and what each needle was in place for. I learned so much on how our bodies are integrated systems, not separated into neat compartments, but rather a network of connectivity. Thank you, Dr. Cathy, for getting me back in balance and for your healing and kind touch.
John WB

Eunha’s Testimonials

Migraines – Michelle

I suffered from migraines for 3 years almost every day. I was taking Tylenol and Advil and other drugs and that helped a little, but the headaches were constant all the time. Nobody could tell me why, they just said to take medication. So I decided to try acupuncture and I came to Dr. Cho. She examined me and asked lots of questions and told me I had a weak kidney and stomach and my body was out of balance and that was causing my headaches. She said she would try to help me with acupuncture. After a couple of treatments, my headaches were less often. And after 4 treatments I didn’t have any headaches at all. I went to her regularly as long as she was in this area and haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Thanks Dr. Cho!

Prostatitis – B. W.

I was diagnosed with prostatitis 6 years ago. I took medicine for it and it reduced the symptoms but I still wasn’t really cured of it and I still suffered urinary problems. I was very skeptical about acupuncture, but my wife kept nagging me about it until I agreed to go. I went to see Eunha, and she made me feel very comfortable about trying it. She looked at my ear the first time she examined me and knew what my problem was before I even told her. I knew right then I had come to the right person for treatment. She treated me with little metal balls in my ears and my symptoms were gone while they were in. After having these problems for so long, I was shocked that something like this could suddenly make them go away. Then she treated me with needles a few times and the symptoms went away completely. I wish I had gone to Eunha a long time ago.

Depression – Marco

I felt really depressed last year. I even felt suicidal a few times. My mother told me that Eunha had treated her and that she had helped her get rid of her acid reflux. I didn’t even want to get out of bed but my mom dragged me over to the clinic. The first time I got an acupuncture treatment it was a really weird feeling. It felt like something was moving inside my body. It was like nothing else I’ve done. After the treatment I felt really light. After that first treatment I didn’t have my usual rollercoaster emotions. The next time I went by myself because I wanted to. Eunha said I should get 4 or 5 treatments since I had been down for a while and it really helped more than I can write here. I really want to thank Eunha for turning things around for me. I feel so much more positive now and I feel like it’s going to stay that way. If not, I’ll drive to Atlanta and get her to treat me.

Back Pain – Lilly

I had back pain after working for years at a repetitive job. I didn’t know much about acupuncture, but I thought I would try it since I had read that it could help with pain and I didn’t want to start taking pills. That was what my doctor said I should do, but I didn’t want to do that for a long time. When Dr. Cho treated me, she asked me how much pain I had on a scale of 1 to 10. I said 7. Then she put needles in my arm and I wondered why she was putting needles in my arm when it was my back that hurt. But then she asked me what my pain level was now and I said it was a 2. I was pretty surprised about that. After that I started believing in acupuncture. After 2 treatments, my pain was gone and is still gone.

Tennis Elbow – Al

After a lot of sports and physical labor, I had tennis elbow for about 10 years. I went to a physical therapist and a doctor, and they both told me that I would need an operation to get rid of the pain. And even with the operation the pain and lack of motion might come back. An operation was going to cost a lot and maybe cause more harm than good, so I really didn’t want to do that. The other choice they said was to take pain meds and I didn’t want that. So I was looking for something else. I decided to try acupuncture. Eunha did something called ion pumping cord on me. She put 8 needles in my arm with a wire between them for about 30 minutes. It didn’t hurt much at all. But I could feel something when they were in like a warm feeling. She treated me like that once a week for 4 weeks and after that I didn’t feel pain anymore. I still don’t have pain there. I’m not sure how it worked, but I’m sure glad I didn’t get an operation!

Acne – SK

I took my son to see Eunha because where I am from Acupuncture is very popular. But some acupuncturists here in USA I do not like much. They don’t know much like acupuncturists I know from my country. But Eunha is very knowledgeable. My son had acne and she gave him Chinese medicine herbs for it. His acne was gone and he was very happy about that. Eunha did great job. Thank you Eunha.

PTSD, Pain, Insomnia – Rob Bradley

Eunha Cho- I don’t know where to begin so I will say it all. When I came to you several months ago I was a complete mess. I had severe lower back pain from a work related injury that even my Emory Spine Doctor could not relieve more than a couple of days with a very expensive and painful series of shots. You were able to get rid of my pain in just a few visits. Not only did you get rid of my back pain, but my knee pain, my sleepless nights, my horrible headaches from Traumatic Brain Injury, my PTSD, and my occasional hangover. I have been singing your praises to everyone that will listen. What my Western Medical Doctors have tried to accomplish in years and failed, you have been able to accomplish in weeks. I would recommend acupuncture by you Miss Eunha to anyone dealing with daily chronic pain. Thank you again.

Stress – A A

I’m a 25-year-old college student in Atlanta and I’ve been going through a really rough time in my life; dealing with multiple stressors which have affected me emotionally, psychologically, and physically. I felt the urge to start an acupuncture session to help me out with the severe muscle pain and insomnia I was experiencing as a result of my situation. I was very impressed with how quickly Eunha was able to diagnose the true causes of my symptoms during my first visit with her, without me having to mention much about my personal life. After a few acupuncture sessions and using the herbal supplements she has specialized for me, my nervous system was much more calm and I was dealing with my life problems with a lot more ease and a calmer state of mind. Acupuncture not only relieved a lot of my physical symptoms like muscle pain, it also helped calm me down emotionally which increased my ability to cope with some crazy events that I’ve been going through in my personal life. I’m so grateful to have made this decision and I would recommend acupuncture for anyone who is going through a stressful time in his or her life.

Stroke – RW

Doctor Eunha Cho helped me after my stroke when others couldn’t. I had a stroke 6 months ago , which gave me limited movement in my right hand. Rehabilitation from western medicine helped, but only by a little. I heard acupuncture can help and tried an acupuncturist, but there wasn’t much improvement. Then I went to Eunha Cho. With Doctor Eunha Cho, I saw improvement on the first visit and I’ve been getting better with each visit. I can now type with almost as much ease as I used to before the stroke. I have another friend who had ulcerative colitis who improved with her acupuncture and herbs too. In fact, that’s how I heard about her. I think she is amazing and would highly recommend her. I hope she’ll help you as much as she helped me.

Stress and Anxiety – Daniel Horák

When you meet Eunha Cho, the first thing you notice is her smile. It is a warm smile coming from the bottom of her soul. When you have Eunha Cho as your acupuncturist, you know that you are in caring and expert hands. She is very knowledgable. When Eunha first started treating me, I felt a lot of anxiety and stress. Her treatment made me feel much better. I was very pleased with the results I got and would send anyone to her who asks me for advice about who to see. When you get to know Eunha Cho, you will notice that she is a true professional with passion for her field in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She puts her heart into each treatment. For her the patients are not a mere number, but individuals with unique needs.

Weight Loss – Marcus W.

No Pain and no gain! I weighed a lot more than I wanted to for a long time and tried all kinds of diets to lose some of it. But I couldn’t lose more than a few pounds, and it always came back. I talked to a friend from LA who tried acupuncture to lose weight and actually lost a lot and said a lot of good things about it, so I figured I would look for a place in Atlanta and try it even though I was nervous about needles. But when I met Eunha at Buckhead Acupuncture, she made me feel comfortable and I wasn’t nervous. And I hardly felt the needles. She used electric stimulation on the needles and she gave me some kind of drink made from Chinese herbs. She explained that she was going to speed up my metabolism. I saw her once a week for a month or so and it worked like a charm. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds that I haven’t put back on and am satisfied with my weight now. It seems like my metabolism has been reset. Don’t ask me how it works, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, I can recommend Eunha and this method.

Joint Pain – Josh P.

I have lived all over the country and been to a few different acupuncturists in my time, but when I found Eunha Cho at Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center, I knew I had come to the right place. She is very knowledgeable of her profession, and she takes pride in her professional care of her patients. She really puts the patient at ease; especially if you’re not comfortable with needles. I am 37 years old, and I have had chronic joint problems over the past ten years due to three knee surgeries and other injuries to shoulders and ankles. Literally, after a couple visits to Ms. Cho, I felt like my knees and other joints were feeling like they were back in my 20’s. I was able to play more basketball and other agility moving activities with little to no pain. Ms. Cho’s treatments also helped in stress relief to where I feel more relaxed in my daily activities. I don’t live in the area any more, but the five hour drive once to twice a month is well worth it for the quality of life I am enjoying again.

Neck Pain – Jordan

Recently, I was vacationing in Hawaii. While I was there, I had a bad encounter with a large wave that decided to pick me up and land me directly on my head. I could not move my neck for a couple of weeks and for the next 6 months I was dealing with a lot of inflammation, lack of mobility, and pain. During that time, I went to my regular doctor, as well as visiting my chiropractor several times. I had never tried acupuncture, but I was ready to try everything. Euhna did two treatments on me over two days, and the entire problem disappeared. She seems to have an amazing ability to know just how to place and manipulate the needles. I also believe that she has a gift for diagnosis. For me, the end of that story was no pain and full mobility. Since then, she has treated me for knee problems and back pain. All with great success. She is an amazing acupuncturist and healer. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to get well.


Oscar Sierra’s Testimonials

Rob Thomas

I can’t say enough about how Oscar has helped me get my life back on track! I had grown sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all of the time. After being to “umpteen” M.D.’s who ran test after test and told me there was nothing wrong with me, I came across Atlanta Acupuncture’s website. And that is when my life started changing for the better. I can’t emphasize enough how Oscar “LISTENED” to my concerns! This wasn’t your typical 5-10 minute office visit I had grown accustomed to with every other Dr. I had seen. Oscar sat down and talked with me for well over an hour. Asking me questions about my diet, lifestyle, work, family, and goals. He made subtle suggestions that, when followed, made all the differnce in the world. Oscar ran some blood work and got to the root of what was causing my ailments. There was not any “Take a couple of these pills and let me know how you feel in six months”. He explained, in detail, What my results were, Why they were what they were, and How I needed to do to get them where they needed to be! Not complicated at all. Simple actually. If you are skeptical of Acupunture or Chinese Medicine, don’t be. It works. This is me after completing my 1st Spartan Sprint Race this March. I plan on completing a 10+ mile Spartan Beast Race in August and the 40+ mile Spartan Death Race in June of 2013! Oscar has a way of helping you bring out the best in yourself and others, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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